3BAR Podcast – Episode 1

Team Valkyries latest project is live! We present to you, 3BAR!

A podcast that we’ll be doing once or twice a month, where we will be talking about all things E-Sports, anything related to gaming that catches our interests, and the team itself.

In this episode: We do introductions, while chatting up about our past few months in the gaming world: MLG Anaheim, E3, and our thoughts on Xbox vs PS4 shenanigans.


Valkyries – My teammates!
Genesis / Gir :: http://twitter.com/gir_xx
Ashe / http://twitter.com/ladyinsanity
Celeste / BiiTTERSWEET (She’ll be in #2!) :: http://twitter.com/itsbiittersweet

Team Valkyries
site :: http://teamvalkyries.com
facebook :: http://facebook.com/teamvalkyries
twitter :: http://twitter.com/teamvalkyries
twitchtv :: http://twitch.tv/teamvalkyries


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