March 19, 2014 rxysurfchic

Catch Me TONIGHT @1337LoungeLive from 7-9pm PST!

Tonight after work I’ll be heading up to LA to appear on 1337 Lounge Live tonight from 7-9pm PST. During this time I’ll be gaming on TITANFALL with viewers on Xbox One.

This is something that has been in process for a little while now and I’m happy to say that I am finally able to announce this!

Since the 1980’s, a distinctive culture has grown up around the electric atmosphere of arcades, where gamers have gathered to hang out, socialize and engage in fierce, friendly competition. 1337LoungeLive was built inside Jace Hall’s studios at HDFilms to capture the spirit and excitement of the arcade – and to broadcast it into the homes of gamers like you, at a level of interactivity never before possible.

Welcome to 1337LoungeLive—the internet’s hottest new interactive gathering place for casual and hardcore gamers.

From Monday to Friday, we invite celebrity guests from Hollywood, the web, and the video game industry into our plush gaming space to engage with fans and to go a few rounds on Jace Hall’s Ultimate Game Machine — a custom-built arcade cabinet housing virtually every video game, for every platform, ever.

These interactive “hangout” events are streamed live over 12 cameras mounted all around the Lounge, with fans and gamers like you able to participate the entire time via chat and webcam.

Join us every week to socialize with gamers, to catch our star-studded broadcasts, and to take part in an awesome community that celebrates the gaming culture.

Gamer Lifestyle… we live it here, we stream it LIVE.

Come hang out with me and let’s show these guys what it really means to be a DB <3 CLICK HERE


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