October 5, 2013 rxysurfchic

For Your Entertainment


{I put this part in bold, because it’s kind of important.}

I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m changing the way I livestream. While I loved livestreaming for 12-15 hours every single day for over month – it’s not something that anyone can mentally handle. I wasn’t able to get work done outside of streaming that needed to get done, I wasn’t able to take care of things around the house, and I wasn’t able to focus on getting better.

All in all, while I loved being able to be with you guys for so such long periods of the day, it’s not some thing that is a viable option when it comes to me being able to livestream anymore. I also want to spend more time figuring out what I currently want to do with my Youtube, since it’s in such a limbo state at the moment.

With that being said, don’t take this as I won’t be livestreaming! I’m just going to adjust the schedule.

blog post schedule

(Will post on Twitter/Facebook before I go live.)

For Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I say sporadic schedule because some weekends, I might not want to livestream. I might want to use this time to go out and be social. (Heh. Social.) If for whatever reason I want to livestream earlier, I will make sure that I let you all know.

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