GTA Online Minitage – “Trevor Syndrome”

This video has been a love/hate relationship from the get go. I had started it about a month ago, under a different idea of just taking the creative shots around the game.

However, like many people online, I had the issue of GTAOnline deleting my main character (level 40, mind you). This delayed this video for another two weeks and when I was finally at the position where I could start again, my idea for the video had changed all together.

I took inspiration from the idea and mentality in which people have when they play online, called ‘Trevor Syndrome’. This is the mentality of ‘I must kill everyone else in the online session at least five times and destroy their car for shits and gigs.’ I can’t lie, this affliction has come over me more than once. Hence, why I took the less serious route in the video and just decided to have fun.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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