June 13, 2012 rxysurfchic

I Was At E3 2012!

Well, sort of… I was suppose to go this year, but due to commitments that comes with being PA ‘royalty’, I’ve had to stay in PA for a little while to get fully ready for Internationals at the end of July. However, that doesn’t mean that my mug wasn’t at the Activision booth promoting Friday Night Fights! 

My good friend Louis was kind enough to get a few photos of this for me and I still can’t stop smiling. It might not be much to others, but to me, this is pretty cool. I’m glad to see that my hard work has paid off even just a little bit!

That’s it for me for right now, I just wanted to share this with all of you lovely people, I’ll see you all at the next livestream or YouTube video! <3

Here is the panorama view of the entire booth.

(You can see larger versions of these photos by clicking hereOr the images themselves!)

photo (1)

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