August 8, 2013 rxysurfchic

Livestream Schedule Today

Today and tomorrow’s livestream schedule is all weird, this is due to dinner with family tonight and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Tonight I will be livestreaming starting around 8-9PM PST. I completely forgot about a family dinner that has been planned and I need to spend time with family too. 🙂

Tomorrow I will be on around 7PM PST. I have another doctor’s appointment around 6PM and I don’t want to split the day in two, that makes it difficult for me and for you guys.



Apparently THIS happened last night. That’s CRAZY! I can’t believe that we made it to the front page. We also hit a spike of around 600 viewers at one time and held a concurrent 150-200 viewers all day yesterday.

That literally blows my mind and I just wanted to thank everyone for watching. I just started livestreaming again about a week ago and I couldn’t even believe that I had been hitting 50 viewers, let alone 100. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to every single one of you.

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