RTX Notice

If you’re at RTX and see someone handing out this sticker, please report them to RTX staff. My teammate Ashe was the one who brought this to my attention, but I wanted to boost the signal. I guess whoever is handing out these ‘stickers’ is slapping them on costumes of females around the event.


I don’t stand for this type of bullying and yes I think it’s bullying. No one should have to validate what makes them a “geek” or a “nerd”. You should be able to like whatever you’d want to without having to prove anything, no matter what your gender is. I know and love cosplay and I respect anyone who attempts to put together a costume. I know how much hard work and dedication that it takes, so in what world would this sticker be acceptable being placed on anyone?

I think this shit needs to stop and in a perfect world it wouldn’t be an issue. However we’re in reality and I feel that I need to speak up against things like this and make sure it’s known that it isn’t acceptable. /endrant




For the complete story of what actually happened at RTX, please refer to the article by the stickers’ original creator DrNerdLove. A random person took a stack of these stickers and used them for his own malicious purpose. I understand that my blog post is being shared around the internet and I want to make sure that the right facts are getting out there.

Article can be found here: http://www.doctornerdlove.com/2013/07/to-the-asshat-harassing-women-at-rtx/