April 27, 2015 rxysurfchic

rxysurfchic St Jude PLAY LIVE Shirt Design 2015

Here is the final design for this year’s St Jude PLAY LIVE charity stream for the month of May. All month long this shirt will be available for purchase, with all proceeds going directly to the St Jude PLAY LIVE charity. After May is over, this shirt will be retiring and you’ll never have another chance to purchase it again.

I designed the shirt myself, drew out the characters and the wonderful Descension put everything into AI.

I’ll keep you posted on when the shirt will go live, so stay tuned.

Shirt design will obviously not come with the watermark on it.



The second weekend of May (May 8-10th), I will be doing a 24+ hour charity livestream to coincide with this campaign.

Very shortly, I will also be announcing another phenomenal project that will be happening during this livestream as well.


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